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I have been photographing most of my life. I entered my first photography show when I was in elementary school using an old family camera and black and white film. I bought my first real camera with my high school graduation money.

I left my engineering career in 2017 to focus on photography and have never looked back.

As much as I love a brilliant sunrise or sunset, snowcapped mountains, and gorgeous wildflowers, it is the wildlife that grabs my attention and steals my heart. My greatest pleasure comes from watching and photographing the interactions of the wildlife with each other. Those interactions can be loving, tender, humorous and even heartbreakingly brutal.

On the occasions when I am photographing landscapes, you will see that water is central to my photographs. I love reflections in water, and they are a big part of my portfolio. A couple years ago I made a commitment to myself to stop looking for the perfect image and focus on the everyday with the end goal being to photograph the extraordinary in the ordinary.

In my spare time I volunteer at our county Animal Shelter taking photographs of the adoptable animals for the website and social media.

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush

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